5. August 2016



CMI is a sales agency specialized in the complete acquisition and exploitation of company fleets. We guarantee uncomplicated and customized solutions for the purchase and sale of utility vehicles of all kinds.


Enjoy very easy purchase services

You can use our services for the sale of your company vehicles and the takeover of your entire company fleet (trucks). In addition to the purchase of vehicles from bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings, we accept vehicles from fleet dissolutions and lease returns.

Our customers receive a purchase assessment from our experts. We take care of the pick-up of your vehicles. Payment is made according to your wishes: cash on delivery or by bank transfer.


Customized sales services

We are happy to assist our customers in Europe in the handling of export transactions. All necessary documentation will be provided.

New MAN, VOLVO or MERCEDES vehicles can be arranged at competitive rates. We ensure a timely delivery of the new vehicles within four (4) to eight (8) weeks. Our renowned partners in the special vehicles construction sector can offer customer-specific solutions.

We have a database of over 1,500 utility vehicles and construction equipment, regardless of manufacturer or operating weight.

CMI will do the time-consuming search and negotiation work for you.